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Improved Odds for InVitro Fertilization Patients

Many couples turn to InVitro Fertilization when they have trouble conceiving a child.  But IVF is not a guarantee of delivering healthy children. Now, new genetic screening tests are improving the odds for prospective parents.

Science is one step closer to providing the very best start for babies conceived through IVF.  Researchers have developed a way to evaluate the full genetic make-up of an embryo before it is implanted.  

The first step is that a cell is taken from the embryo. The DNA is then amplified a million times so that it can be analyzed. The data then allows researchers to determine the number of chromosomes on that single cell.

Reproductive Endocrinologist Richard Scott, MD says that, "We believe the most limiting step in an embryo becoming a baby is whether it has the right genetic compliment whether it is the right total amount of material. So if we can diagnose that before we put the embryo back, it should raise pregnancy rates."

By identifying which embryos are likely to succeed, researchers believe they are greatly reducing the risk of miscarriage.  Also by identifying the healthiest embryo and implanting it they are also eliminating the need to implant multiple embryos, which is dangerous for the mother and the babies. 

This technology will not be available for some time, but scientists believe that it will help couples avoid a miscarriage after IVF. 

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