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The Facts on Organic Foods

The benefits of organic foods have been hard to study and the studies usually provide mixed results. 

Registered Dietician, Suzanna Havala Hobbs says, "One misconception of organic foods is they are more nutritious. They are not, at least not at this point in research.

Instead, nutritional value is really determined by how long produce has been sitting in a box or on the shelf. The best bang for your buck is going to be locally grown produce that gets to your kitchen the fastest from the farm. 

If you are concerned about pesticides (and organic foods are not exposed to them), peeling fruits and vegetables can reduce pesticide exposure.  But the peel often contains a lot of the nutrients, so the best thing you can do is really wash them.

The Environmental Working Group has come up with what it calls the "Dirty Dozen", a list of the most likely to be contaminated fruits and vegetables.

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