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Lorenzo Superintendent Reacts to State Inspection of Elementary School

NewsChannel 11 has confirmed that a state health inspector visited Lorenzo Elementary School last Wednesday morning after someone complained to them about mold growing inside the school.

 Superintendent Dick VanHoose told NewsChannel 11 that he was not at the school while the state was inspecting, but did say he talked to the inspector on the phone.

VanHoose commented on the inspector's visit by saying, "basically, he felt we were on top of things by hiring a contractor to help us get things fixed."

Two months ago, a parent came to us about how bad the elementary school smelled and she also told us some students were getting sick.  She didn't feel like school administrators were giving her a straight answer about the mold. 

NewsChannel 11 got the answers for her through swab samples from inside the school. We sent them to a lab in Arizona where one of the samples confirmed toxic mold was growing on the wall inside a stairwell that is used by children every day on their way to lunch.

The school also hired its own air quality specialist just 13 days after we did our testing. That report revealed toxic mold spores were floating in the air.

The school is trying to find a contractor who can help them fix the water leaks that have caused some of these problems. VanHoose did not give a guarantee, but says he hopes he can fix all the problems while the students are on holiday break.

In the meantime, we're still working on getting our hands on the state's report. A spokesman for the Department of State Health Services says they plan to review the report Friday and give it to us.  We will share it with you as soon as we get it.

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