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Christmas Tree Safety

Now that we are officially in the Christmas month, some reminders from the American Academy of Pediatrics on keeping your holiday tree from becoming a fire hazard.

First, if you are buying a live tree, find one that looks fresh. Pick one that is as green as it can be with needles that are hard to pull off. When you take it home, be sure to saw off a few inches from the trunk so that water can absorb into the tree better. Also remember to water your tree regularly because dried branches can ignite in seconds.

The AAP says that if you buy an artificial tree make sure it says fire resistant on the label.

As for your lights, check the label to be sure that they are certified for outdoor use, if that's where they're going. Do not nail or tack them to anything. String them through hooks or insulated staples. Be sure to check all your lights for broken sockets, frayed wires or loose connections. To prevent the risk of electrocution, only plug outdoor lights into sockets with ground fault circuit interrupters.

Finally, be sure that you turn off all of the lights before heading to bed each night.


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