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Abusing Prescription Medications

Over four milion Americans have abused some prescription medication. That is according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse which says the most common addictions in which patients fall victim, include pain relievers, sleeping pills, and stimulants.

People like Mary Somerer, who says she began her addiction at age 15 when her doctor gave her a prescripiton for sleeping pills. "This is what I would take, one handful twice a day. I would take three Percocet, an Oxycontin, eight Valium, and three Xanax all at once, twice a day," said Mary Sommerer who was addicted to sleeping pills.

"Addiction is a progressive disease it doesn't get better. It gets worse without some form of recovery. The other important thing to understand is that it's not a willpower issue. People should not quit these drugs cold turkey or they'll go into withdrawal. They need medical detox," said Rod Colvin, an Author.

Rod Colvin is the author of a new book called "Prescription Drug Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic." He believes prescription addictions have become the nation's most serious, misunderstod and under-reported drug problem. By the way, Mary says her children finally forced her to get help, and today at age 48, she is drug free and works in a treatment center.

For more information about getting help for prescription drug abuse, click on the following links below.  

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