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Fitness vs. Fatness

Most of us tend to overindulge when it comes to holiday cooking and eating. So this headline is encouraging, "Fat is okay, if you're fit."

 That comes from a new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

"Even in individuals who were fat, indeed even in people who were obese, if they were fit, they did not have higher risk of dying." said Dr. Steven Blair, Ph.D. with the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Blair is among the researchers who contributed to that JAMA report. After collecting death rates from about 26 hundred people age 60 and older, the study found that when it comes to predicting mortality, heart health appears to be more important that how big a person looks.

Dr. Blair says that means exercise. Something as simple as a brisk walk five days a week can make you fit whatever your weight is.

However, Dr. Blair adds the apple figures are still more of a concern. That's a 40" or more waist line for men and 35" around the middle for women. But, in general, Dr. Blair says fitness can lower the risk of mortality.

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