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The Superbug

Health officials say that the superbug, MRSA, will eventually affect every school in the country, if it hasn't already. The majority of the cases are skin infections, that look like a pimple, boil or spider bite.  The good news is that transmission is easily prevented.   

Dr. Phil Toltzis, MD, a pediatric critical care specialist says of the infections, "They're annoying. They're painful. They have risk of being potentially being transmitted to other people, but the bottom line is the overwhelming majority of them are not medically serious."  He adds, "first and foremost is washing your hands. Almost all MRSA is transmitted one person to another --hand to hand contact, skin to skin contact."

As long as a wound is properly covered, the patient can go to work or school with no worry.  As for the patient, it's important to be treated early if you think you have a skin infection, because it may take a while to find the right antibiotic to fight it.

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