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New Online Scam Hits The South Plains

"We first started getting calls this week from consumers that had received a huge check delivered to them from ups," said Nan Campbell with the Better Business Bureau.

What a stroke of luck! A big, unexpected check just before Christmas. All you have to do is cash the check, keep your share, plus an extra $100 for your trouble and send the buyer the "thousands" in change.

"We called at least one of the banks involved and they said that is a bogus check," said Campbell.

The Better Business Bureau says the scamming buyer in these online transactions sends a vague e-mail in broken English, and poor grammar to the seller.

One e-mail reads:

"Hello. Good day... This is a great news from my client that u are goin to received the  payment by Monday..."

"One of the main red flags that we saw in this particular scam was the e-mail," said Campbell.

And after sending the money to someone other than the fake buyer, the transaction is complete but by this point, the check is found to be bogus and you just got scammed. You paid the scammers thousands and never even sold your item.

And with holiday shopping in full swing, the BBB has some Internet buying and selling advice:

"Know that if it's on the Internet, it's open to the whole world. And nothing is totally, totally safe, said Campbell.

The Better Business Bureau
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