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Eyelash Conditioners: Worth It or Not?

Eyelash conditioners that seem to help women miraculously grow fuller and longer eyelashes are some of the hottest cosmetic enhancements. One maker of the new product is under fire with the FDA. 

The FDA will not say whether it is investigating all of the so-called eyelash conditioners and the claims that they make, but the government agency did recently say that "Age Intervention Eyelash by Jan Marini" could damage the eye.  The product contains Bimatoprost, an active ingredient in a drug that is used to treat glaucoma.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Parrish advises that "Because this medication is associated with commercially available eye drops that are placed in the eye that can cause serious problems like inflammation. I would not put anything on the outside, on my eye lashes, unless I knew exactly what I was getting." 

"Age Intervention" maker Jan Marini says it has already reformulated the "Age Intervention" product to make it safer. Dr. Parrish says there are similar products on the market with similar ingredients and most carry a label warning not to get the product in the eye. That might be hard to do since the product goes on like liquid eyeliner.

A small tube that lasts just three to four months ranges in cost from $140 to $160 and is available via the internet.

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