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The Krazy Kloth: Does It Work?

In this inexpensive package, the makers claim the magic is in the cloth. Says it can polish chrome and other metals, remove impossible stains like scuff marks from floors and surface rust stains. I found an auto parts lot where tons of chrome is begging for some polishing.

First, it is time to see what the stink is with all the magic. "Smells a little dingy...whew!" The cloth itself had some sort of compound on it that made my fingers very girtty.

Not only did I find some chrome to polish, but luckily I will be killing two birds with one stone on this test. There was surface rust on the chrome bumpers. Lets put a little elbow grease action into this. The Krazy Kloth was successful both times.

Next, we took a steel, might I add, very dirty tool to see what the Krazy Kloth can do. It did improve the look of the tool just a little bit.

Back at the station, I knew I could find plenty of impossible scuff marks that even an ordinary paper towel could not remove. I hit the jackpot and so did the Krazy Kloth, it removed the marks.

With each cleaning, the cloth got blacker and dirtier. The makers say not to worry about cleaning your cloth because they say the blacker your towel gets the better it works. Even though the stench was not pleasant and it left my hands feeling gross, I would have to say it was worth the $4.00 I spent. It works!

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