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Lubbock County Targets Hot Check Offenders

More than 140 people faced charges for passing bad checks around Lubbock Tuesday night. NewsChannel 11 followed authorities in a surprise hot check raid as they told folks it's time to pay up.

Whether it's $100, $1,000, or more, Lubbock County law enforcement wants to make sure businesses get money owed.

"Our main goal on these things is to get the merchants whole," Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell said. 

Around 20 teams left the Lubbock County Courthouse Tuesday night with 141 warrants for folks charged with writing bad checks.

"By the time we've hit this process, folks have had three to four different opportunities to try to take care of their hot check business," Powell said. 

Some folks get hauled away in hand cuffs, but they can still avoid a conviction if they pay up.

"The ones who have been our habitual offenders, though, they'll spend the night in jail or until they bond out, and they'll know we're serious about collecting this money," Powell said. 

The hope is that offenders will take care of hot checks before an arrest warrant is issued.

"When they don't and they continue what we consider, you know, a conscious disregard for taking car of it, that's what happens tonight," Powell said. 

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