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The Handy Switch: Does It Work?

There are nights where all I want to do is watch television.  I find that perfect cozy spot on the sofa and snuggle with my blanket.  Then, it never fails.  My lamp, which I forgot to turn off, is still on causing a glare on my T.V.  The problem is it's across the room.  I think I found a solution.

The Handy Switch Wireless Light Switch.  It has a remote receiver you plug into your wall and the switch that looks like a real wall mounted light switch.  It even comes with a wall bracket mounting unit that detaches from the unit.  The product will cost you about $15, but Does It Work?

Getting started was easy. Find a plug and plug whatever you want to control into the remote receiver. All you need in your hand is the switch.  I plugged in my den lamp.  By flipping the switch to the "on" position, the light came on.  Not bad.  I want to point out every time I turned it on, the night light that is on the plug stops glowing.

One thing I hate is coming home to a dark house.  Maybe the handy switch can help me turn on some lights before I even step foot.  The Handy Switch apparently works up to 60 feet.  I'll see if it works from the street in front of my house.  "Switch on and off," I said.  I was probably just about 60 feet away and couldn't believe it worked.

What if I go across the street to the neighbor's yard?  Would it work then?  I was amazed.  It did.

There's no game in this name, the Handy Switch works!

I picked this up at Linens and Things for about $15.

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