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Recalled Vaccine Found In Lubbock

There is a health alert for parents of young children.  Drug manufacturer Merck is issuing a voluntarily recall of the vaccine, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B, better known as HIB.

It is designed to prevent Meningitis, Pneumonia and certain severe infections. Nearly a million doses of the vaccine are in question and on Thursday, NewsChannel 11 found some recalled doses right here on the South Plains.

We put in several phone calls to clinics and doctor's offices around town and so far, we have only found one clinic, West Texas Pediatrics that had some recalled doses. However, we are told only one dose was given and that family has been notified.

The good news is the health department, which distributes vaccines to several clinics, did not receive any of the recalled vaccine. In addition, there is even better news, doctors tell us only parents of children who received the vaccine in the last two weeks need to be on alert.

Three and half year old, Genesis and her parents are paying a visit to Doctor Douglas Klepper's office.

It is a pediatric office, which daily gives out HIB shots.

Doctor Klepper says, "We give out a lot of the Haemophilus Influenzae Type B vaccines. In fact we gave out 4 here already this morning."

None of which Doctor Klepper said is from the vaccine lot in question.

"This is a huge amount of vaccinations being recalled. However, it's something done for the safety of children. There has not been any adverse side effects that has the potentially contaminate in that," Doctor Klepper explained.

But over at West Texas Pediatrics, there are 39 doses of the recalled vaccine, which will have to be to return to Merck.

In total, Merck recalled one million doses because of possible bacterial contamination.

Beckie Brawley, Public Health Coordinator for the City of Lubbock Health Department said, "As they tested these lots they found some problems with the sterility of the vaccine not being sterile and there being bacteria in there that should have not been in there."

Something which Doctor Klepper said, is not extremely harmful, it should only leave some tenderness and redness where your child was injected but that is only if the shot was given in the last two weeks.

"If your child has not received a Haemophilus Influenza Type B vaccine within the past two weeks you have absolutely no concerns about needing to call your health care provider, because the illness would have already occurred," Doctor Klepper explained.

 A reality that makes Genesis's mom relieved.

"Well that makes me feel a lot better," Kellie Rodgers said.

Doctor Klepper added if your child did get a HIB vaccine in the last two weeks its best to contact your health care provider immediately. As they will know if vaccine used is part of the recall.

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