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Petitioners Want More Of Milwaukee Ave. Paved

Drivers on Milwaukee Avenue know that once you hit 98th Street, the concrete ends, but development and increased traffic has folks calling for pavement.  Now, supporters have a new petition to get the work done.

Some are petitioning for the city to pave to 114th Street, but others say it needs to go through to F.M. 1585.

"I've received a petition with quite a few names on it," Lubbock City Councilman John Leonard said. 

Those names represent folks who want a hard surface to head on down Milwaukee Avenue.

"It needs to be connected to 1585 there," Roger Britt said. 

He goes out of his way to avoid the un-paved portion.

"I go a mile this way or two miles that way to stay off that road. If it's not muddy, it's too dusty to drive down and you may meet somebody who will run you off the road. It's narrow," Britt said. 

The pavement on Milwaukee narrows and then ends just north of 98th Street.  The pavement doesn't pick back up until just south of 114th Street. That's where the city limits end, and the county takes over.

"What they're wanting the city to do is to pave this and complete this so that there's not dirt, because there's increased traffic here, and there are trucks, you know, the development is going on," Leonard said. 

"It's already picked up, the trucks going down there, hauling stuff down there," Britt said. 

Milwaukee is not the only project people have brought up.

"There was a petition, gosh about six months ago, to widen Indiana, Indian south to 1585. We need to re-pave and rework 82nd Street, 34th Street.  We've got a number of street repairs and new street construction that we've got to do," Leonard said. 

All those projects take money, though. 

"I think that we probably need to come back to the citizens with a realistic bond proposal, not a $300-million bond proposal, but something that really meets the need of our community," Leonard said. 

However it gets accomplished...

"They need a highway through there," Britt said. 

The new youth sports complex is also expected to bring more traffic down Milwaukee. That project is under construction on the corner of Milwaukee and F.M. 1585.

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