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New Device Offers Hearing Hope

The FDA has recently approved a new option for people who suffer from hearing loss. It's called the Sound-Tec Direct System. The system includes a processor which sits deep inside the ear that picks up sound and transmits it to a tiny magnet that is attached to a litle bone in the middle ear. The procedure calls for barely a slit in the eardrum to put that magnet in place, something that takes less than 30 minutes with the patient under local anesthesia.

So what's the benefit of the Direct System rather than using a hearing aid? Dr. Mark Winter, an Otolaryngologist, explains, "It's a step beyond the currently available hearing aids and as a matter of fact it's providing more clarity than even the more expensive digital hearing aids."

Dr. Winter adds the the Direct System does not compete with hearing aids. It's simply a new option for those who have not been satisfied with their hearing aids because of feedback, for example. Dr. Winter is the first to bring the Direct System to this area.

For more information (click here) or call Dr. Winter's office at 793-4600 or 1-866-793-4600.

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