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HealthWise at 5 From 4.19

  • Back Pain Surgery

It's estimated that 200,000 Americans every year, suffer back pain that is bad enough to require surgery. But a new device being tested at Emory University may allow patients to turn off or at least turn down the pain. It's a spinal cord stimulator. Doctors insert into the spine a wire that is conncected to a battery pack inside the hip. When back pain gets to be too much, the patient passes a battery over the battery pack to turn it on. "The signal from the, from the legs to the brain is an electrical's an electrical signal and thus by overriding that electrical stimulus you can block the pain," says Dr. Howard Levy at Emory University.

It's experimental and doctors at Emory already know the spinal cord stimulator doesn't work for everyone. But the study is planned for another year to determine, among other things, what kind of patient will benefit the most.

  • Like Mother,Like Daughter

If you're a woman who finds it hard to resist snacks, you can probably blame your mother. That's the word of nutritionists at Penn State University. They studied 75 overweight preschoolers and were able to match the eating patterns of the little girls with those of their mothers. Experts also noted that if the mothers were likely to grab a snack even when they weren't hungry, the daughters usually followed in their footsteps.

Here's what's most interesting, the study failed to show a similar pattern between boys and either parent.

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