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The Elf on the Shelf

Have you heard about this yet? It's a Christmas tradition that's finding its way into a growing number of homes, especially in North Texas.

"I just want to see if I've gotten any of the things I've told him," said Emma Watson, age 10. "I named him Chris for Christmas."

Chris is Emma's elf, who sits on a shelf. He's kind of like a reporter, only he works a lot harder. He makes trips to the North Pole every night.

"This is when they fly back and go with Santa they tell all the good and bad you've done... and what you want and stuff," said Emma.

But every morning, Chris is back - but in a new look out.

"It's most exciting in the morning because you're like, ‘Where's my elf? I can't find my elf!"

"We spent a few minutes every morning looking around the house to see where he's flown back and perched himself after being at the North Pole all night," said Grace Watson, Emma's mother.

Elves who sit on shelves are in high demand these days. In a Dallas warehouse, workers can't box them up fast enough.

"It is crazy. In July, if somebody had told me that we'd sell 5000 elves on a shelf, I would have said... really?" said Donna King, of Room Service Home. "(We're shipping them to) Singapore, London, Canada, Scotland..."

Part of the elves' global appeal may be how they help parents as much as Santa.

"What better way for Santa to hear that the kids are naughty and nice, rather than the parents having to tell Santa who's been naughty or nice every day," said King.

The story book that comes with every elf spells out the rules.

"If a child touches him, he'll lose all of his magic," said Emma "And he'll never move or do anything again."

Emma says she's been nice, not naughty, and kept her hands off Chris, in hopes that he'll deliver an important message.

"My hamster died, and I want a new hamster."

After Christmas, the elf vanishes, but magically reappears next year. Each elf, which comes with a special case and storybook, costs $29.95.

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