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$104 Million Bond Election Proposed

"I think it's critically important that we review the history of this youth sports complex and frankly how we got to where we are," said Mayor David Miller.

A seemingly harmless statement made by the mayor Friday about the $11 million complex. But then he said, "Former Councilmen Gary Boren and Tom Martin, it's my understanding, began meeting with an architectural firm here in Lubbock on their own... they shut out the parks board, the parks dept staff and then came to council with a plan that was quite different that what had originally been agreed to by all parties."

And before the microphone was turned to him, Councilman John Leonard spoke up saying, "I find it curious that we're calling out two councilmen, past council men by name. I understand one of them is going to be your opponent in a future election but I don't understand why we'd call out... We all have meetings from time to time on projects," he said.

"I've never quite seen that done before where you call out two prior council members by name and try to assign blame and I jokingly said," said Leonard in an after meeting interview.

"This being the centennial year, why don't we just go back to 1909 and blame all the previous councils for all the problems we have," added Leonard.

Then the mayor fired back saying, "I'm just pointing out the facts, that it was those two councilmen, Boren and martin who did go and create their own plan and include an architectural firm and excluded others in the process I have a problem with that."

After the council meeting adjourned we caught up with the mayor and councilman Leonard.

"So the citizens know the history involved in this soccer complex. How priorities were reversed I believe for political reasons," the mayor said.

"I was a little uncomfortable with the calling out by name and I think I made my point on that," said Leonard. 



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