What is Earth Day?

On April 22, 1970, people across the country united to validate the importance of the environment and take action. Earth Day was initiated by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who said he was determined to "forcibly thrust the issue of environmental quality and resources conservation into the political dialogue of the nation." He manifested the nation's environmental cause through what started as a 'teach-in' to protest the government's environmental ignorance. His accomplishment in the environmental arena eventually led to fundamental legislation, including the Environmental Policy Act (1969), the Clean Air Act (1970), the Clean Water Act (1977) and fuel efficiency standards for automobiles.

For over 30 years, on April 22nd, millions of people have united to heed this urgent call to action and celebrate the environment. Earth 911 has taken the mission of Earth Day and made it an everyday opportunity by offering information and resources available to protect the environment in every community in the United States and Canada.