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Just Stand Up for Weight Loss

Scientists at the University of California at San Diego have discovered a simple formula for weight loss:  stand up to lose weight and sit down to get fat.  Researchers say that they have discovered an enzyme in the body that burns fat merely because you are standing. When you sit down, the enzyme stops burning fat. 

Physiologist Fabio Comana, Ph.D., says, "When you're up walking around, standing, puttering around or exercising. That enzyme gets activated." 

Dr. Comana adds that, "...a few more calories burned every few minutes, you translate that over a 12-14-16 hour day, it can make a difference of as little as 100 calories a day, that may not seem like much in one day, but it's a pound a month and 12 pounds a year."

Dr. Comana suggests that it could be as easy as standing up or, even better, walking around the room, during the commercials while watching TV.  At work, hand delivering messages instead of using email could make a lot of difference.



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