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Forearm Forklift: Does It Work?

This pile of material looks worthless like this, but take a couple of muscly men and girly girls and the heaviest piece of furniture can be moved. Yes, even by girly girls in high heels. The Forearm Forklift is a little more than nine feet  long and on each end there is an opening where you slip in your arms.

Now all we need is heavy furniture, and David Spears with Spears furniture store has plenty to choose from. "This is a solid Walnut. It is heavy period, I bet it weighs 250 lbs.", says David Spears.

With the help from Eric, David and him slipped the straps underneath the buffet on the inside of the legs. "Mmmm...that is not bad at all. Oh i like this, I can see having a pair of these around the store."

But wait, can these girls lift this too? Without the straps they can't, but with them they struggled but they managed. "Eric and me, took something that was difficult to move and made it easy to move. But the two ladies made something impossible to move, possible." says David Spears.

David Spears says "I am very impressed."

I bought my Forearm Forklift online for $20. Go to our website at to order your own pair.

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