Keeping Your Pets Safe in a Disaster Situation

Natural disasters can strike at anytime and are often responsible for tearing families apart.  Often overlooked, but no less important, are family members of the 4-legged and/or furry variety.  Since animals can't tell us who they are looking for, it's up to us to help them find their way home.

If you find an animal, or if your animal is lost, make sure to post him on  Those without access to the Internet can call 1-888-PETS-911 (738-7911).

All listings on are included in the centralized database used by all the national animal welfare organizations, including those in the midst of disaster relief efforts (such as the Humane Society of the United States and American Humane). With everyone using one centralized system, we look forward to many happy reunions.

If you are affected by a disaster, but, are lucky enough to still have your pet with you:

  • Be extra vigilant when you are in unfamiliar situations
  • Don‘t let your dog run loose - keep his leash on during walks
  • Keep current ID on your pet
  • Include contact information of where you will be staying, if you are not at home
  • Crate or buckle animals when traveling

The stress from any natural disaster, will wear on even the most easy-going pets.  To help combat this:

  • Maintain regular feeding schedules (if possible)
  • Create new routines as soon as possible
  • Give your pet a safe place where he can be by himself if he wants
  • Finally, once you are able, have your pet checked by a vet to make sure he isn't hiding any injuries from you.