Massage Therapy

EIGHTY MINUTE - *Deep Tissue     $75-*$95

A deeply relaxing Head-to-Toe massage OR in-depth muscle therapy to specific problem areas.

FIFTY MINUTE - *Deep Tissue     $50-*$65

Complete Head-to-Toe massage OR in- depth muscle therapy to specific problem areas.


Smooth river rocks are used to release the tension in chronic muscle pain, increase circulation, or relax overstressed areas - add these to either the eighty minute session OR the fifty minute session for an additional $15 charge.


An excellent introduction to massage for neck & shoulders OR a specific problem area therapy treatment.

REFLEXOLOGY -      $30

A technique using compression to massage specific reflex points (usually on the hands and feet) which correspond to internal organs. This technique helps the body to reestablish its natural energy flow, relieves tension, and stimulates the nervous system.