Phoenix Looks at Tossing Plastic Grocery Bags

Phoenix might have a future without plastic grocery bags.
City Councilman Greg Stanton said the council is considering ways to phase them out and he thinks people can adapt to the change.

"Almost everyone has included recycling principles into their daily lives," Stanton said. "The same thing with the use of plastic bags, we're just going to eventually have to integrate reusable bags into our lifestyles."

Stanton said plastic bags can't be recycled.

"When plastic bags are put out in the recycling, people at the recycling plant have to pull them out and put them into the dump," Stanton said.

Stanton wants to see the bags phased out and replaced by reusable bags and paper sacks.

San Francisco and Taiwan recently passed a ban on plastic bags.

"Many cities around the world have done the ban," Stanton said. "We're first looking at working with the industry to come up with solutions before there's an ultimate decision to eliminate them in our community."

He said the council plans on working with grocery stores.

"I don't think you're going to see an outright ban in the short-run," Stanton said. "I think you have to give people time to integrate this into their lives."