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Millions in Federal Funding For Texas Tech and Lubbock Approved

Congress has approved millions in federal funding for Lubbock and Texas Tech. Congressman Randy Neugebauer says, "This money will be put to good use for research at Texas Tech University that supports local agriculture and wind power development, as well as to improve the quality of life in Lubbock."

Funds allocated to the City of Lubbock and Texas Tech University (TTU) include:

    • $1,843,008 for TTU Cotton Research Center;
    • $3,731,649 for TTU Ogallala Aquifer with the Agriculture Research Service;
    • $1,007,895 for TTU Center for Food Industry Excellence;
    • $548,135 for TTU/Kansas State Great Plains Sorghum Improvement;
    • $1,550,073 to continue funding for the USDA Agriculture Research Service Plant Stress and Water Conservation Lab in Lubbock and funding for the lab to continue sorghum research;
    • $2.4 million for TTU Pulsed Power Research;
    • $1.0 Million for TTU's Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH), Zumwalt National Program for Countermeasures to Biological and Chemical Threats;
    • $1,968,000 for TTU Great Plains Wind Powered Facility;
    • $143,449 for TTU Center for Study of Addiction;
    • $97,000 for the Center for Education, Research & Services in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Research;
    • $430,348 for TTU Virtual Vietnam Center as part of the Department of Education's Institute for Museum & Library Sciences;
    • $490,00 for Lubbock Citibus.

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