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Lubbock Art Exhibit Policy Under Review

City policy for art exhibits is under review.  Staff will develop a written policy, after preventing one local artist from showing her work at the Buddy Holly Center earlier this month.

Lubbock City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld says the center has had an unwritten, no-nudes practice for the past two years. She says they weren't aware of any problems until recently. That's when city leaders stopped artist Lahib Jaddo from showing two pictures, depicting nude women.

Now, we're told Jaddo will show those pictures at the Buddy Holly Center.

"She has accepted our invitation, and she will be coming back with these two pieces of art and perhaps others that she had done," Mayor David Miller said. 

Mayor Miller is talking about two pieces, depicting a nude, pregnant woman, and a mother nursing.

Last week, Assistant City Manager Scott Snider issued a statement saying: In the absence of a written policy, I made the decision to restrict the display of nude artwork during a recent exhibit at the Buddy Holly Center. The decision was consistent with the museum's recent practices.

"I like supporting our staff; I think they work hard, and they make good decisions 99% of the time. I think this is one case, and as we review and as I've seen the paintings personally, that perhaps went too far in trying to enforce, quote, community standards," Miller said. 

Friday afternoon, City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld issued this statement:  After review of current case law, we have determined that we should not place restrictions on art exhibits at the Buddy Holly Center. I apologize to Ms. Jaddo for the inconvenience, and I hope she will consider hosting a future exhibit at the center.

Now, city leaders are working on a written policy for future reference.

"We will have, I think, a better defined review procedure of how do you determine what should go in or go out, and instead of maybe one or two people making that call, perhaps you expand that to a small panel," Miller said. 

Miller says this decision will not open doors to inappropriate works.

"If anyone thinks that we're going to put up nude or pornographic or obscene materials, they've got another thought coming. I will stand firmly against that, and I'll ask our city manager and city attorney to defend the rights of the citizens who do not want to see that kind of material," Miller said. 

We do not yet know when Jaddo will display her work at the Buddy Holly Center, and city management does not have a specific timeline for the new art exhibit policies.

NewsChannel 11 will keep you updated. 


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