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Lubbock Health Department Warns Against Tainted Syringes

Federal health officials are investigating dozens of cases of blood infections in Illinois and Texas. The cases are linked to bacteria-tainted syringes.

Lubbock health officials are concerned as well. Tigi Ward, at the Lubbock Health Department says they want to be sure that if anyone in Lubbock has this specific pre-filled syringe, they should not use it. Instead, call your doctor for a new prescription.

The infections have been traced to a pre-filled heparin syringe that patients used to flush their ports at home. The tainted syringes are coming from the same maker. They are Sierra pre-filled syringes with the lot number 0-7-0-9-26-H.

According to a CDC official, the blood infection generally responds well to antibiotics and there have been no known deaths. But again, don't use it if you have it.

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