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Live Christmas Trees May Trigger Allergies

Your holiday cold may not be a bug but it may be seasonal.  If you have a live Christmas tree in your house, it's not uncommon for people to develop allergies that are triggered by a live Christmas trees.

Emma Watson says, "It felt like somebody was sticking pins in my eyes. If you shake the tree, it sheds and that gets around the house. It gets in your room and when you sleep your eyes are watering."

Dr. David Khan says, "It's the things on the Christmas tree that may be responsible for some allergic problems." Dr. Khan says even if you're not allergic to the tree itself, you may be reacting to something on it.  That something may or may not be something you are able to see. Since most tree lots are outside and get wet, Dr. Khan says that's the perfect environment for growing mold. Mold is a common trigger for allergies.

Dr. Kahn says the key is to keep taking your allergy medication though many people stop taking it in the winter. Even if you opt for an artificial tree in your house, you will likely be exposed to other cut trees during the holidays.

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