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HealthWise At Five The Power Of The Potato

More power to the potato, that's the bottom line from a study which gives it a four star rating. So don't feel bad about indulging in those mashed potatoes this holiday season. They may be better for you than you think.

Scientists with the Agricultural Research Service have found that some potato varieties, like the red and norkotah, are chock full of health-promoting compounds called phytochemicals. They also found potatoes with high amounts of vitamin C and folic acid. In fact, they found 60 different kinds of phytochemicals and vitamins in both the skin and flesh of wild and commercially grown potatoes. The tasty spuds phenol content even rivaled that of spinach and broccoli. 

Appearance may be a factor in who gets a kidney first when looking at the waiting list for transplants.  Morbidly obese patients may have to wait longer for a kidney transplant. This comes from John's Hopkins University where researchers reviewed the medical records of over 130,000 patients on the kidney transplant waiting list. They found patients who were morbidly obese were 44% less likely to get a kidney compared to normal-weight patients. That is mainly due to poorer outcomes and increased costs associated with surgeries on obese patients.

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