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Christmas Eve Fire Destroys Petersburg Home

Tragedy hit a South Plain's family early Monday morning.  Flames tore through their Petersburg home, taking away part of the family's Christmas.

The family lost several Christmas gifts wrapped up inside, but fortunately they were not hurt.  The family is thankful they'll still be spending Christmas together.

"I was scared. I didn't know what to do," Royanna Almaguer said. 

She was next door when flames broke out at her brother Roy's home.

"They called us around 7:30 a.m. and told us that the house was just in flames," Marcy Almaguer said. 

Fortunately, he was not inside.  Instead, the family was finishing up some last minute shopping.

"He had a lot of stuff here for the kids, and a lot of my stuff was here too," Marcy said. 

"When we first got here, about 7:30 a.m., smoke was pouring out the roof, windows, by the time we got our hose laid out with in minutes it flashed and it was fully engulfed," said T.J. Marquez, Petersburg Volunteer Fire Chief. 

From the outside all you'll see is a burned out shell and several puddles, but on the inside, fire crews tell us that everything is destroyed.

"Everything was a total loss.  To me it's sad because I have three children of my own, and to know that the occupants had their gifts and personal belongings inside the house is just a tragedy this time of year," Marquez said. 

With the family safe and sound, Marcy says they'll still have a good Christmas, but they are hoping to replace some of the gifts lost before Christmas day.

"We're trying to, little by little," Marcy said. 

The family tells us that they are getting some help from the Red Cross. They also say they do have a home in Lubbock to spend the holidays at.

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