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South Plains Shoppers Ready To Return

Now that the presents are unwrapped, many are heading back to the stores to return or exchange gifts, but it can be a headache if you don't bring what you need.  So, NewsChannel 11 checked in with our local retailers to find out what you should do before leaving home.

"The returns will pick up as we get closer to the end of the week, and then we'll see a peak after the New Year," Target Store Team Leader Dee Dee Floresca said. 

South Plains shoppers hit the stores, ready to return Wednesday.

"This didn't come with all the pieces, so I was just coming to get an extra pan, so maybe they'll just give me one out of another box or something," Camille Allen said about her new baking set. 

NewsChannel 11 wanted to make that process easier, so we checked the return policies from several of our local retailers.  

"We do require a receipt," Floresca said, of Target.  But Target says it will work with shoppers.

"If you purchased it with a debit card, credit, or check we can do a receipt look up," Floresca said. 

But without that proof of purchase, "Unless it's under $10 we have to have a receipt in order to do any type of return," Floresca said. 

Several stores have similar policies, and most also have deadlines. Target's is 90 days.

Wal-Mart also has a 90-day return policy for most items, but we did find that Kohl's does not post a deadline if you have your receipt, and they do offer options for those without a receipt.  

We also found some stores offering extended return deadlines.

At Circuit City, the deadline is for gifts purchased between November 15th and December 24th.  Items with a 30-day limit can now be returned through January 25th, and those with a 14-day limit can be returned through January 8th.

At Best Buy, items purchased between November 1st and December 24th can now be returned through January 31st.

The folks over at Radio Lab didn't see many returns Wednesday, but they did share some advice for those wanting to return electronics.

"The box, container, the owner's manual, and remote control still should be included," Radio Lab owner Jeff Griffith said. 

Some shoppers say there's one gift that won't be returned.

"Should have bought a gift card because those are always good," Loretta Garza said. 

"Those are always good," Leslie Lieberman agreed. 

"That way you don't have to exchange anything, you can buy whatever you want," Garza continued. 

To make it even easier, several stores also offer returns through the mail. 

What You Need To Know About Returns
NewsChannel 11 checked out the return policies of several South Plains stores so you'll know what you need before heading out.

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