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Hispanic Women More Likely to Have Breast Cancer

Source: JAMA Source: JAMA

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says Hispanic women may have a greater risk of getting breast cancer.

Researchers know that women who have a harmful mutation in a gene called brca-one are more likely to get breast or ovarian cancer. The new study shows that Hispanic women are more likely to have that mutation than other ethnic groups.

"We also found that brca-one mutations were most common in young breast cancer patients, patients that were diagnosed before the age of 35, and this was true in all racial-ethnic groups." said Dr. Esther John, Ph.D., with The Northern California Cancer Center.

Dr. John says this shouldn't frighten Hispanic women, but rather make them more vigilant about mammograms and other ways of detecting cancer. 

We do know that early detection greatly improves survival.

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