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Viewer Response to Consider This on Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras

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Hi Dan. Good job although I have mixed emotions about when and where privacy rights start. I have someone who has suffered from selective police enforcement randomly here and it may impact them for the rest of their lives. I can also comment about the input of the police on the bond election in some other setting. I am for what they are trying to accomplish in a perfect world.

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Thanks for supporting the men and women in the LPD. Our dedicated employees make great things happen every day by serving, protecting and caring for visitors and citizens of Lubbock.

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City council needs to let the LPD do their business. MY house was broken into on Nov. 6. I wish there had been cameras in my alley.

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I don't live in Lubbock, but with all the thefts and other crimes, I would be pleased to have a camera on every corner of my house.

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I usually agree with you in your assessment of the issues.  In the case of surveillance cameras, I believe we differ on one important issue. 

To enable any group in this town (including the police) to do anything without some oversight (not city hall) is dangerous.  This implies that there is a level of trust that the group has the best interest of the citizens at heart.

Unfortunately, I do no put that kind of trust in the police department, sheriff's department, city hall, or almost any other pseudo-governmental organization. (Notice I did not include the fire department in this list.)

The problem we continue to experience is the complete disregard for the citizens by all public entities.

If you want to see this in action, do an investigative piece by watching intersections.  Count the number of police vehicles that you see that are either being misused, driving in an unsafe manner, or ignoring simple traffic laws.  Better yet, observe the number of violations that are ignored by police who see them.

I do not want to live in a place where I am continually on-camera (Geo. Orwell, 1984).  I do not want my civil rights trampled on.  We are moving dangerously close to an 'all-seeing' and mostly mistrusted group of so-called 'enforcers.' If they want to put the cameras up, be truthful about it, get the people to speak, and do what the people want.

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I completely agree with your editorial about the cameras in alleys.  It is no concern of the city council whatsoever !  And, they are nuts to think it is.  Do they think they should be consulted concerning other things the police department does ??  ABSOLUTELY, hats off to the Lubbock Police Department and more power to them for doing this to help make our homes and families safer  !!  They deserve a huge commendation for this !

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I can NOT believe how you support these surveillance cameras by the police dept. They are NOTHING more than an invasion of our privacy BOTTOM LINE. What I do in my backyard or my bed room is my busness. I DO NOT need Big Brother spying on me. Leave the spying to God. I mean that is his job. And if you or anybody else thinks these cameras are going to be used the way the police say they are going to be used. I have some swamp land I need to sell. I do not liked being watched. And nobody but God has a right to watch me. If I want to be watched I'll go to Wal-mart. I don't break the law. And I DO NOT need anyone watching me to agree with that.

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I totally agree with your opinion about neighborhood surveillance cameras.  It's a good thing to reduce the crime in our city.

Consider This... Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on surveillance cameras that have been installed in Lubbock neighborhoods to catch burglars.

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