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Viewer Response to Consider This on "Merry Christmas"

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Praise the Lord for someone who is not afraid to say Merry Christmas.

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Mr. Jackson, a few questions. Do you really think the religious component of Christmas is a big secret in our culture? Do you think it's known only to a few stalwarts like you, who struggle to keep it alive by demanding religious correctness in store ads? Is the phrase "happy holidays," which respectfully embraces both Christmas and Hanukkah, anti-Christian now?  Maybe Jews aren't as numerous as Christians, especially here in Lubbock, but they do a lot of gift buying in December, too, which contributes to the local economy. So if you're a store owner, why not wish everyone a happy holiday so that you respect and include all of your customers? How does excluding customers in the name of Christian correctness help our economy? Or Christianity, for that matter?

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My hat is off to Dan Jackson and KCBD. I am offended by those people that cannot call Christmas by it's proper name. Those that are offended by it should be worried about more serious issues they seem to have than the name of our most important Holiday. Keep up the good work. I am kinda touchy about Christmas because it is also my wife's Birthday.

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Thank you so much for your message on Christmas instead of holiday. Very well stated.

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Today I was watching ABC 28 news in the morning (6am).  For two days in a row I have listened to their female anchor wish Happy Holidays.  So I got tired of it and switched over to kcbd.  Right when I did Dan Jackson's commentary came on and spoke the words I have been waiting for someone to say in the media, Merry Christmas.  I love what he said and reflected exactly how I feel about merchants not calling Christmas, Christmas.  Do the other 10% who may or may not get offended even by gifts for a "holiday" they don't celebrate?  Strange that the whole nation is catering to that.  Thanks for taking a stand for Christmas.  I am a dedicated KCBD news watcher now!

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You make a good point - in fact it's a point I've been making for quite some time.  But yours doesn't quite hit the mark.   If you know anything about Hanukkah, which falls around the same time of the year as Christmas, you'll know that people do shop and buy gifts and/or decorations for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, not to mention Thanksgiving.   However, I usually point out that the Jewish do not put up a Hanukkah tree and I've never heard of a Kwanzaa tree, either.  I've also been making the point that many retailers, in the interest of not offending anyone, are offending 76% of their customer base, as that is the percentage of Christians in the U.S.  That does not include those who are not Christians, but celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday.

I made up my mind many years ago that I was not going to be offended if a retailer chooses to use the more generic "Happy Holidays" greeting because it does encompass not only Christmas, but also New Year's Day and possibly Thanksgiving, as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and maybe a few others (who knows?).   "Happy Holidays" should absolutely not be offensive because there truly are so many holidays that fall this time of year.  However, we can and should take exception to "Holiday" trees and ornaments, as our decorated trees in no way represent any other holiday than the one originally designated: Christmas.

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Thank You!  Thank You!  for your comments about CHRISTMAS!

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They say 'holidays' because they are including more than just christmas. Pretending that its only about christ is offensive to the jewish faith (which has been around longer). Ignoring that makes you seem like the ignorant texan sterotype some of us are trying to change. Come on, you're smarter than this. Hope you get the 'Right on' slaps on the back you were striving for on the next fishin' trip. MERRY KWANZAA

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I am sick of this, this country was founded as a free country and is supposed to promote freedom of religion.  It is people like you who get so touchy about the subject that cause wars.  These companys understand that it is a free country and is trying to make that clear.  I am a christian by the way but I was lost for a while but I still belive in freedom of religion.  If you look at all the religions honestly then you would understand that they all have good points and bad points and none of them can be proven more then the other, the only reason why people are one religion or another is because someone they like or respect told them to none of you actually go out and reasearch and try to actually found GOD you were brainwashed from birth and have no knowledge or the abilty to free your mind and try to find GOD and until you do this your just as lost as atheist.  Jesus did not force religion on people and he would be ashamed of you!

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I agree with your comments 100 percent.  The American Family Association has sent me numerous emails regarding this same issue.  I received one today about Old Navy.  I have received emails from AFA regarding Kohl's, Lowe's and many more.  Lowe's was calling Christmas trees "Family trees" in their catalogs.  Kohl's was saying "Holiday" as were many others.  AFA asked us to respond to these companies and I have responded to all that have been brought to my attention.  Both Kohl's and Lowe's issued statements of apology.  Thanks for speaking out on this subject.

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Nice job on the commentary tonight. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Consider This... Merry Christmas
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on Christmas shopping and generic holiday wishes.

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