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HealthWise at 5 From 4.24

  • Coping With Stroke Damage

You may think it is part of the course for a stroke victim to be sad and irritable in learning to cope with stroke damage. It turns out, there may be another reason for the negative mood, that along with the damage to speech and movement, and a stroke may leave its mark on emotions as well.

A study of nearly 150 stroke patients finds those who had damage in the front part of their brain were more likely to have problems with anger, depression, and emotional outbursts. According to that report in Neurology, there may be a true physical cause for Post Stroke Depression rather than just a negative attitude from someone who wants to be sour.

The study was conducted at Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea.

  • ADHD and Tics

A new drug combination may be the key to treating kids with Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder combined with a Tic Disorder. Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center say that Ritalin and Clonidine are an effective combination for kids, with minimal side effects. For years, doctors avoided prescribing Ritalin for children with Tics fearing the stimulant drug would make the tics worse. But this new study found that Ritalin actually eased the Tics. The findings may spark changes in treatment for all kids with ADHD.

  • 3-D Surgery

Computerized imaging technology is helping doctors reduce the risk of complications during surgery, while speeding recovery times. The new vector vision image guided surgery system creates a 3-dimensional map of the procedure area and stores it on a computer disk. Doctors can then refer to it during surgery to help them navigate the tiny areas inside the ears, nose, and throat. Because the system works without a keyboard or mouse, the surgeon can operate it alone.

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