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Idalou Man Charged After Holding Family Hostage

An Idalou man who held his family hostage for nearly five hours Friday morning is scheduled to be booked into the Lubbock County Jail.  Police arrested 56-year-old David Debusk around 9 a.m. Friday.  He's charged with possession of marijuana and a firearms charge.

Quiet returned to West 7th Street Friday evening, after authorities shut it down, and evacuated several homes Friday morning. It all came to an end when Debusk surrendered to SWAT officers, after keeping them at bay for four and a half hours.

"It's not typical of Idalou for us to have these kinds of scenarios," Idalou Police Chief Albert Garcia said. 

A call to 911 lead police to 907 W. 7th Street around 4:30 a.m. Friday. 

"When the call was made by the wife, she did the very smart thing; she went and gathered her 18-year-old daughter and secured themselves in a back bedroom in the closet for fear of being injured themselves," Garcia said. 

When Idalou Police arrived, they couldn't get anyone inside the home to answer.

"We knew that there was still a suspect in the residence, because the original party that called in was still on the emergency 911 service with the Lubbock dispatch center," Garcia said. 

Idalou called in the Lubbock County SWAT Team to negotiate.

"We did not know whether the subject was going to be violent or volatile when he did exit the residence, or whether or not the SWAT was going to have to use forced entry, and for that reason we decided to go ahead and evacuate several homes in the vicinity so that no innocent bystanders would be injured," Garcia said. 

"He just said that he came out this morning about five to get his paper and could hear some voices between the two houses, and they just said they had it under control and for him to go back inside," Marcy Watts said. 

Watts' father lives across the street.  She says he was eventually able to leave.

"We came back over here, then we couldn't get in," Watts said. 

"Is it scary to have this happen so close to your father's home?" NewsChannel 11 asked. 

"A little, it was crazy, that's for sure," Watts said. 

After several hours of negotiations, police say Debusk came out of the home.

"He did finally come out on his own. He was brandishing a couple of fire arms at the time of his exit from the residence, but thankfully he put the weapons down and surrendered to the SWAT officers that took him into custody," Garcia said. 

Debusk's wife and daughter also came out, dressed in pajamas, carrying the family dog, shaken, but unharmed.

"Did you ever think this would have happened in this neighborhood," NewsChannel 11 asked. 

"Not in this community, it's so quiet; this whole street is just really quiet," Watts said. 

Police say they took Debusk to University Medical Center for a mental evaluation. They tell us there didn't appear to be anything wrong.

We asked if Debusk was on any drugs and police tell us he appeared to be intoxicated.

Garcia tells NewsChannel 11 they've been called to the Debusk home before, but things never escalated to what happened Friday. For Your Mobile Devices
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