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Lubbock Drivers Fall Victim To Citation Scam

In the past 24-hours, two Lubbock residents reported receiving citations issued by the city for reckless driving. However, here is the catch; the city says the citations are not real.

The citations directed the alleged offenders to pay a $250 fine in room 233 at city hall. However, that room does not exists, along with a number of other allegations on the citation.

The City of Lubbock seal on the top of the citation appears to be real. But Lubbock Police tell us the rest is not.

Lt. Greg Stevens said, "The forms are an altered Lubbock Codes Inspection Report form that advises people they will have a warrant issued for them if they do not respond in 10 or 12 day by bringing money in terms of a fine to city hall."

 Lt. Stevens says the citation alleges the drivers were caught by Lubbock Police Dashboard Cameras driving recklessly.

"That is not how we operate. If you get caught on a Lubbock Police Dashboard Camera you will see  Lubbock Police behind you with their lights flashing if you violate a traffic law," Stevens explained.

Police say it appears someone altered a City of Lubbock Codes Department Inspection form, by placing a false notice on the bottom half. It is a notice, which advises violators to pay a $250 fine at city hall.

"Fines are not taken at city hall any legitimate fines you receive will go through municipal court," Stevens said.

Authorities tell NewsChannel 11 a false citation was left on the door of a home in the 5200 Block of 95th Street. Another was left on a vehicle at a business near 50th Street and Indiana. However, at this time Lt. Stevens says it is not clear which law has been broken.

"A violation of harassment but again we are not nailed down to that we are conducting an investigation we will review what crime has been committed," Stevens explained.

 If you have received a fake citation, you are asked to bring it here the Codes Department at city hall. We are told the Codes Department is working with police to find those responsible.

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