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Cutting Back on Calories Could Be Helpful

Cut your portion size of your food and cut your cancer risk. That is the finding of a study by the National Cancer Institute. The research in mice with a genetic risk for Gastrointestinal Cancers shows that even a moderate cut back on calories reduced the number of precancerous polyps in the intestine by 60%, compared to the animals that could eat all they want.

The NCI says sure, a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables is good preventive medicine, but for those who can't always do that should at least try to eat less, which should also help in cutting your risk of cancer.

Researchers also studied the effects of moderate exercise, but say they did not find it had a significant impact on the cancer risk. The researchers are planning now to test different combinations of calories, fat and exercise to see which regimen is the most effective and should be tested in people.

The National Cancer Institute study conducted by Dr. Volker Mai is being presented at the Experimental Biology 2002 meeting in New Orleans.

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