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What Kind of Breakfast is Best?

Let's take a look at breakfast. Remember, it's the most important meal of the day.

"Studies have shown, the kids who do have breakfast tend to be less fidgety in class. They tend to have better attention spans. They even tend to do better in some classes," says Joan Carter, a registered nurse.

Joan says that she's concerned that with our busy schedules, if we get that breakfast for the kids in a fast food drive-in, we may be defeating the purpose. She says that a breakfast sandwich plus a small side of hash browns has 53 grams of fat.

"So now, we've got pretty much 80% of the fat that an average teenage girl should be consuming every day," says Joan Carter.

Compare that to a bowl of cereal with low fat milk, juice, and fruit -- and you have maybe five grams of fat, and a healthy start for the day. Joan adds that if that's not filling enough, you can always add a piece of toast with jelly and still keep the fat content and calories down to a minimum.

For more information on healthy breakfasts, you can (click here).

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