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2007 A Year In Review

From Lubbockites having to boil drinking water and local polls showing a sour attitude about the Lubbock city council. To record breaking basketball victories and a group of 12-year-olds who made it big internationally. What a year it's been here on "The Giant Side of Texas." 2007, quite literally, started with fan fair and confetti on January 1st. Bob knight became the winningest coach in NCAA history. And baby Mychael Darthard-Dawadoo set off a nationwide Amber Alert. But not 48 hours later, a sigh of relief.

"Around midnight last night investigators received a tip that baby Mychael was in good condition," said Lt. Scott Hudgens, Lubbock Police.

Baby Mychael and her abductor, Rayshaun Parson were found in Clovis, New Mexico. Baby Mychael was reunited with her family and Parson was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

"The Western All-Stars had to be the lead story for me because they did so much to bring our community together," said Lubbock Mayor David Miller.

The Mayor recalls The Western All-Stars going the distance for Lubbock. They're now ranked third best in the world, second in the country and first in the hearts of Lubbockites.

Then some cameras had everyone talking. In fact they still do...

"Red light cameras was a big issue even in today's headlines statewide that is still a topic of interest with legislators as well as private citizens," the Mayor said.

And of course a woman hundreds have tried to find.

"On a very sad note to me is the Peggy Merimon case," said the Mayor.

Peggy Merimon went missing more than a year ago when she was leaving her job at The Lubbock State School. Still today, her husband Gearl and countless volunteers hold onto hope that one day they'll bring Peggy home.

And now from tragedy to controversy, which ended in an arrest.

"The Chippendales arrest which brought a negative image to our community," said the Mayor.

The Chippendale's were soon released from jail and despite the sour taste Lubbock left with the dancers, they came back. No arrest this time.

We can't forget the devastating tornados in Clovis, New Mexico and Tulia. And of course, most recently, a current issue downtown, the police hidden cameras in Lubbock ally's.

With those story's and so many more, one thing's for sure, Lubbock's 2007 news makers won't soon be forgotten.

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