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Area Law Enforcement Warns Don't Drink & Drive

Local authorities say they want you to have fun this New Year's Eve, but they're also warning folks not to take it too far. 

They put the word out early to prevent folks from even thinking about drinking and driving. That's because, even if they're caught, a drunk driver puts others in danger from the time they get into the car, until they time they're arrested.

So, Lubbock Police and the Department of Public Safety warn folks to have a plan to get home, before heading out.

"The biggest issue will be the drinking and driving issues," DPS Cpl. John Gonzalez said. 

Lubbock Police Officers and DPS Troopers will start 2008 in their patrol cars.

"We will be out in full force, in fact, extra force trying to apprehend drunk drivers," LPD Lt. Greg Stevens said. 

Their goal is to catch drunk drivers before they put you, and others, in danger.

"Arrest is one of the better things that can happen to you when you're drinking and driving. The worst case scenario is you have a wreck and hurt yourself or hurt somebody else and change the lives of other people permanently," Stevens said. 

Authorities say the best defense is a good offense.

"Call someone to come get you, call a taxi, stay where you're at, designate a driver, there are numerous things that we can do now and be responsible with those actions," Gonzalez said. 

"This will be a busy night for us," Yellow-Cab co-owner Steve Sexton said. 

Yellow-Cab, Lubbock's only taxi service, is ready to go.

"We will have, probably 18 or 19 cabs on the road, which is a few more than normal," Sexton said. 

As the night goes on, it could take more time to get a cab to your location, but Yellow-Cab just asks folks to be patient.

"Don't get in that car and drive, that's the main thing, keep everybody safe tonight," Sexton said. 

"We're not asking no body to not have a good time for new years, but we'd rather them get home then not at all," Gonzalez said. 

Cpl. Gonzales reminded us it takes an hour for a can of beer, glass of wine or a shot of liquor to get out of your system, so if you do plan celebrate with alcohol, Gonzales says stop early, if you plan to drive yourself home. 

You can also give Yellow-Cab a call to schedule a pick-up.  Their number is 765-7777.

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