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Lubbock Establishments Prepare For A Double Whammy!

Lubbock bars and restaurants that are quite literally double-timing it with New Year's Eve and Tech's appearance in the Gator Bowl just a few hours apart. But bars aren't the only businesses thriving as 2007 comes to a close.

What are your biggest sellers?

"Beer sales and Champagne sales," said Jamie Burns, or JJ, as she's known.

JJ owns JJ's on the Brownfield Highway in Wolfforth.

"We were able to start selling at 10 o'clock this morning, we had a full store and it's just been pretty consistent all day," JJ said.

This is a big day for Wolfforth alcohol sales too. It's the first new years since Wolfforth approved packaged alcohol sales. But despite good business, JJ is promoting something more important.

"I just want to promote safe, sensible celebrations tonight," JJ said.

Back in Lubbock a new business, McGilligutty's Pub at 98th and Quaker has more than just New Year's and the Gator Bowl the deal with. They just opened but the owner has a plan to keep the crowds happy.

"It's split up a little. Some of them are going to have to work both days because I want to emphasize service," said Rajeev Gill, McGilligutty's owner.

And contrary to what you might expect, alcohol isn't their biggest concern, it's food.

"The alcohol comes every day, the food we order it when we need it," said Rajeev.

And need it they will, as they're expecting a full house for New Years and for the Gator Bowl.
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