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Medical Headlines of 2007

2007 rang in with the news that Americans are living longer, with a number of reports throughout the year, showing that death rates from all causes including heart disease and cancer are down.

Although in many cases, gaps between blacks and whites still remain, the year also brought calls for stronger warning labels on prescription drugs, amid reports of dangerous side effects linked to a number of medicines, everything from anti-depressants to the popular diabetes drug Avandia.

Bad bugs gained strength too or at least more publicity, with the release of a government health report suggesting that resistant staph bacteria dubbed MRSA may cause more deadly infections than aids.

Headlines that triggered an epidemic of public panic, reports of a single case prompted school closings and a designer clothing outlet's decision to destroy it's merchandise are amid steady reminders by health experts that frequent hand washing remains one of the best defense strategies.

An offensive move in the war against obesity, the Big Apple came through on its promise to pull the plug on trans-fats in restaurants, action that's prompted 15 states to propose similar measures. Meantime, researchers announced it's not just the food, it's our friends or at least their influence that help make us fat.

But somebody must be hitting the gym! A report by the centers for disease control found after 25 years of climbing, obesity rates in the United States are holding steady. Perhaps, just the motivation that we all need to grab a friend and stick to that "get healthy new years resolution" in 2008.

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