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The "Happiness" Gap Between Men And Women

Two new research papers show that there is a growing "happiness" gap between men and women.

One study reveals a typical woman in the 1960s spent about 23 hours a week doing an activity she found unpleasant, which is about 40 minutes more than a typical man. Now, the gap is 90 minutes. One of the reasons for this gap is stress.

Since the 1960s, men reported that they have steadily cut back on activities they find stressful. On the other hand, women seem to have taken on more stress by working, taking care of aging parents, running the house and looking after the kids.  

Betsey Stevenson, an economist and author of one of the studies, says women nowadays have longer "to-do" lists and they can't get it all done.

She goes on to say, "It's childcare, the housework and working at their jobs. All these things are taking time and women haven't had an increase in the amount of free time that they have or the amount of leisure time."

While the wage gap between genders has narrowed, women still report their lifestyles are not meeting their expectations. Researchers say this is because women want it all. Still, experts caution that happiness is a very subjective thing, and is not easily measured. In the end, finding a good balance may be the key to happiness for both sexes

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