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The Listen Up: Does It Work?

A product called the Listen Up claims you can hear the faintest conversations from 100 feet away and we're going to see if that's true from across the street. 

Before we tell you what we think, Eveline Hallgren says she could really use this product for watching T.V.  She wears hearing aids and still has to blast the TV to hear it.

She put the Listen Up on top of her hearing aids and gave it a try.  "It helps me hear the TV," she said after wearing it for a bit. 

I thought I would try it out since I don't wear hearing aids. I mean it says it can turn ordinary hearing into extra ordinary hearing.  "There's also a lot of ambient noise.  You can hear the noise in the room," I said.

Eveline turned the TV volume low as I tried to tune in.  "At that level, I can't really hear anything."   "I can hear it really well at that level," I said after the volume was turned up 50%.

From across the street, would this work?  "Can you hear me now?" I asked.  "A little, tiny bit. There's too much other noise," said Eveline about the outside noise.

"I would not spend $15 on it because there's too much background noise in it," she said.

However, I thought it could be helpful for you inside a quiet home. So Does it Work? I have to say maybe.

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