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Fertility And Your Diet

If you are trying to have a baby, doctors will tell you that the best thing to do right away is to avoid alcohol, decrease your caffeine intake, quit smoking, and most of all, eat well.  Science is learning that there may be strong links between food and fertility.

Dr. Robert Kaufmann, Ob-Gyn, says that, "there's a lot of factors we don't even know, honestly, so what you do is try to minimize potential risks." Dr. Kaufmann adds that you should, "eat a well-balanced diet, exercise and just use common sense is the biggest issue."

Perhaps the most important fertility tip of all is that any woman of child bearing age should be getting plenty of folic acid. The March of Dimes has been trying for years to get the word out that folic acid helps prevent birth defects.  Pre-natal vitamins can provide folic acid or you can eat leafy greens like spinach, citrus, beans, breads and cereals.

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