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The Orange Glo: Does It Work?

Restore, protect, and beautify all your wood furniture with Orange Glo. The makers say this six dollar wood cleaner and restorer can melt away grease grime polish and wax build-up. It has a fresh citrus smell to it too.

NewsChannel 11 took out test to a Lubbock antique store where we found plenty of furniture. Kenneth Henson knows furniture, because he restores and sells it for a living. He says we are testing Orange Glo on an antique piece. "It probably has not been cleaned or restored for 50 years," he tells us.

We focused on one spot of the drawer, waited 30 seconds, like the directions said, and gave it a rub. The Orange Glo did not leave the gorgeous shine the makers promised and to prove that, Kenneth pulled out some of his own stuff to show us.

We compared the two and the Orange Glo result and his restorer did a better job than the Orange Glo. Don't forget the makers say Orange Glo can clean furniture too. We both agreed it picked up the dust. "However, when you wipe it dry, it doesn't shine," says Kenneth.

Orange Glo is nothing but an expensive knock off from regular dusting agents. In my opinion, it's not worth six bucks. It doesn't work.

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