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HealthWise at 5 From 1.3

  • Personalized Diet

A simple finger prick may soon help experts create better diets for fighting diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.  The report in Chemical and Engineering News, says that doctors could use this routine blood test to measure hundreds of compounds to find shifts in a person's metabolic balance, which could help predict future health problems.

In fact, using this information from the blood test, researchers believe they could actually create a customized diet designed to work with a patient's specific metabolism. They could then do follow-up blood tests that could help track patients' improvements.

  • Using Vitamin C Against Cancer

The list of the benefits of Vitamin C just keeps growing.   Researchers at Johns Hopkins say that the super vitamin may help slow the growth of tumors.

Supplements of antioxidants like Vitamin C suppressed high levels of free radicals produced by certain cancers in tests performed on animals. The scientists found that a protein, called HIF - 1, is abundant in untreated cancer cells, but the protein disappeared when the cells were treated with Vitamin C. 

  • Anti-Smoking Success

According to new studies from the International Tobacco Control Project, anti-smoking ads and commercials are really working.                 

The study found that product warning labels are important sources of information for smokers. Researchers now believe that making the labels larger and more graphic could do even more good. They also found that smoke-free policies at the office and in public buildings are also helping smokers quit

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