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HealthWise at 5 From 1.4

  • Cocaine Vaccine

Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston say that clinical trials have begun on a vaccine designed to help people that are addicted to cocaine.  The vaccine works by blocking the high you get from that drug.  It stimulates the immune system to attack the drug as soon as it enters the body.

Larger clinical trials could begin in the spring, pending FDA approval.  Meanwhile, Baylor researchers are already working on similar vaccines to block the affects of nicotine, heroin and methamphetamine addictions.

  • Plastic Bones

Swedish researchers are creating bone implants made of fiber composites that may someday replace metal implants. The combination of polymers and fiberglass in the implants make a strong material and by treating the surface with bioactive glass, the implants would be able to fuse with bone tissue. 

Patients with metal implants often have to have surgery to replace the implant. But reinforced plastics would lower that risk because they have properties that are compatible with the bones of the skeleton.

  • Smart Talk

University of Michigan researchers say that those daily chats with your friend could give your memory a boost. They found that just ten minutes of talking to another person can improve memory and test performance.  The study shows that the more social interaction a person has, the better their cognitive functioning.  In fact, chatting with a friend may do you as much good as that daily crossword puzzle

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