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Fire Marshals Investigate 4th Suspicious Fire

For the fourth time in one week, investigators are calling a fire suspicious, and each blaze has been in the same central Lubbock neighborhood.

Just before 5:00 p.m. Thursday, flames broke out in a vacant shed in the 2100 Block of 22nd Street.   Fire crews say it appeared the flames were coming out of the middle of the structure when they arrived on scene. 

This latest fire comes just a week after investigators say someone intentionally set fire to a vacant home across the alley, at 21st and Avenue U.  The Lubbock Fire Marshal also ruled a huge blaze at the old Texas Floral building arson.  The old plant nursery, on 21st Street, caught fire over the weekend, as did another vacant home on 22nd Street.

No has been injured in any of these fires, but the folks who live next door to Thursday's shed fire say flames came dangerously close to their children's bedroom.

"Somebody's kid is going to die; somebody is going to die," Miranda Robinson said. 

"So you think somebody set it," NewsChannel 11 asked.

"Yes, somebody is setting them on fire. There was one down the street, that one over there. I just hope they don't set this on fire and catch our house," Robinson said. 

Robinson says Thursday's fire came just feet away from her children's bedroom.

"It was about 2-feet away from my kids' bedroom, and they were in the room," Robinson said. 

"It was real close to the house here; the guys did a really good job, the wind was somewhat in our favor also. We're talking about just five or six feet away from the house," Lubbock Fire Battalion Chief Kelly Morman said. 

"With the flames out, you're now calling the fire suspicious," NewsChannel 11 asked. 

"Given the neighborhood and the circumstances that have been going on in the last week, I would have to say yes," Morman said. 

"The neighbors around here, naturally, are really concerned, and so are we," Morman said. 

"Any warning for the person who may be starting these fires, how dangerous it is?" NewsChannel 11 asked. 

"They probably better hope that we find them before the neighbors do," Morman said. 

"I don't really want to say too much, but I wish I could do something to that person, because that could have been my kids' lives," Robinson said. 

We're still waiting to find out the fire marshal's official ruling on this latest fire, but folks in the area are already taking action. We spoke with the president of the neighborhood association, and he says they're working with their city councilwoman to set up a meeting with Lubbock Police to find out how they can help stop any more fires in their area.

The Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for these fires.

If anyone has information that could contribute to this investigation, they are asked to contact the Lubbock Fire Marshal's Office at (806) 775-2646.

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